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About Us

At Liposentials, our products use breakthrough, clinically proven liposomal nano-encapsulation and delivery technology. This technology allows us to deliver essential compounds directly to where they are needed in your body. Our product’s active ingredients are protected when traveling through the body by a special liposomal shell. The shell shields active compounds from destruction by the harsh environment of your digestive tract so that they can reach their ultimate destination. This is why Liposentials products can deliver up to 90% absorption rate, as compared to pills/capsules at about 15-20%. All in a great-tasting, orange-flavored daily dose packet. We use non-GMO, keto and vegan friendly ingredients with no added sugar.

We are a local wife and husband business that values premium quality and improved health/wellness. Our flagship product is a liquid liposomal Vitamin C with Curcumin - you get over 1000mg of daily Vitamin C and over 65mg of Curcumin in every packet/sachet - all natural orange-flavored, easily the best-tasting Vitamin C on the market. Liposentials unique packaging and formula is industry-leading.

Safety and transparency are paramount to us, which is why we are U.S. manufactured - and although we use ingredients sourced globally, we do not source our Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from China, purely for safety and quality assurance reasons. We serve our Vitamin C to our own young children, who absolutely LOVE the flavor while mom and dad rejoice in their improved immune defense and overall health.


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