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Eat Drink Media Group

Eat Drink Media Group

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About Us

Formed in 2017 by Raph Brickman and Matt Morello, two friends who had enjoyed lengthy success as a food photographer and designer and a chef and restaurant owner respectively. Aside from sharing a great interest in delicious food, their skills and instincts for launching brands meshed well. It was, as they say, a fine pairing. In 2018, Raph and Matt were hired by Revolutionary Clinics, a leading cannabis company, to develop the recipes and brands for their Rev Brands line of edibles, tinctures, pre-rolls, flower, salves and vapes. The successful launch opened the door to more work for Rev Clinics, and led to more projects for other cannabis companies and dispensaries in New England for Eat Drink Media Group.
More recently, we’ve developed a network of freelancers and partners to provide scalability and additional services such as video production, web development, copywriting, public relations, project management, social media experts, photographers, consultants and additional graphic designers.
In just a few short years, we have attracted numerous clients in the cannabis, food, beverage and restaurant industries and to deliver enticing digital content, brand packaging and design. We have built a reputation for delivering strong brand concepts and content at a reasonable cost by working out of our home offices and keeping our overhead low. Although we are always excited and love meeting with our clients in person!
We love cannabis. We love food. We love beverages. But most of all, we really enjoy what we do.

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