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Vitality Family Medicine, PLLC

Vitality Family Medicine, PLLC


About Us

-Vitality Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice focusing on high quality, affordable, accessible primary care through every age and stage of life's complexities.
-You pay a low monthly fee directly to the practice and enjoy the healthy perks of personalized attention for everyone in your family—from newborns to the elderly.
-The ability to directly communicate with your doctor via text, email, phone, telehealth, same/next day office visits, and home visits offers accessibility to high quality affordable healthcare that is unmatched in today's healthcare landscape


  • Direct Primary Care (DPC). This is an innovative, simplified alternative to insurance-driven healthcare.
  • Low monthly Membership Fee. Concierge-level medicine without the consirge prices
  • No Waiting and Unrushed Visits.
  • Convenient Care. Telehealth, Office Visits, Home Visits, Email, Phone, Text are all available


Same or Next Day Appointments
Telehealth Appointments
Home Visits
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