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The Keys To Women’s Sensual & Sexual Awakening, Healing & Pleasure

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August 16, 2017
Female Anatomy Of Arousal To Ecstasy!
The Keys To Women’s Sensual & Sexual Awakening, Healing & Pleasure

For women to deepen their connection to their own pleasure centers is vital, individually and collectively, right now! This is a class for women to understand more about themselves, their bodies, and especially their vulva’s. Come learn how to increase your pleasure, as a woman, in and out of the bedroom!

Most women do not know how to tap into their full arousal. They can not turn their bodies on completely, or their lives! This empowering sex education will include cutting edge information on female anatomy and arousal, as well as a deepening into the understanding of tantra and sacred sexuality.

Attendees will receive a homeplay program (via email after the class), to continue their pleasure research. There is no nudity in this class, that is for your homeplay self pleasure practice.

This class is for women who are ready to expand their sensuality, sexuality, and self-expression, and for those who are willing to explore what they might not think they want yet, or think they already know. This class is also for women who have had sexual trauma. It is an opportunity to learn in a safe environment both practical, and magical, techniques to heal and empower themselves. The keys are within their own bodies.

Sacha’s passion is guiding women in the sacred sensual arts, in a revolutionary new way that integrates modern tantra, and sex education, with healing arts, which leads to new levels of (sexual) awakening, healing, empowerment and embodiment. Traditional talk therapy only goes so far in healing (sexual) trauma. It is tantra and other healing arts that create the most dynamic and lasting changes. Sacha dedicated her MA work to a specific neo-tantric technique that has the most profound results physically and psychologically. This technique will be discussed in class, and resources on how to do it will be part of the homeplay.

None of the homeplay practices require a partner. All of them can also be done with a partner to educate that partner on female anatomy of arousal.

If you are interested in this class and can not attend in person at this date, it is available through private or semi private session or class, virtually or in person.

When: Sunday, September 24th, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Location: Sacred Temple Arts in Newburyport
Cost: $100 paid in advance (snacks and tea will be included) - Space is limited. Please sign up ASAP.
*For more information, and to register, call Sacha at 978-309-9399 or email

Sacha Fossa, Holistic Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, (978) 309-9399