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Random Act of Cookie Day Invites Newburyport to “Get a Cookie, Give a Cookie”

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July 11, 2017
Random Act of Cookie Day Invites Newburyport to “Get a Cookie, Give a Cookie” 
Newburyport, MA – Newburyport residents and weekend visitors may be in for a sweet surprise from a stranger on Saturday, July 15, when customers of a local bake shop participate in Random Act of Cookie Day, a first-of-its kind event based on the increasingly popular trend toward Random Acts of Kindness (RAOKs). 
Customers who purchase a specially designed Kindness Cookie from Buttermilk Baking Company will receive both the cookie and a voucher redeemable for a free cookie, to be handed out to the next stranger they meet on the street.
The store event was conceived in partnership with Nice People of Newburyport, a Facebook group dedicated to promoting kindness, connection, and positive stories in the community.
Random Act of Cookie Day isn’t the first RAOK event for Buttermilk Baking Company, a Liberty Street fixture known for its “After Dark” public gatherings. Earlier this year, the bakery celebrated National Random Act of Kindness Day (February 17) by offering customers a free cookie if they reported that they had done something nice for someone else.
"We celebrated National Random Act of Kindness Day just for something fun and unusual to do at the store, so it was a total surprise how much interest and engagement we got from customers,” says Ashley Bush, owner of Buttermilk Baking Company. “This is really a continuation of that, in hopes that customers will pay it forward and spread the cookie love. I'm really excited to try this and see what happens."
Random Act of Cookie Day also reflects Buttermilk Baking Company’s fun, lighthearted spin on business-as-usual for your average local bake shop. The bakery has been known to inscribe its cookies with edgy messages including “Kindness Is Gangster.”
The link to the Facebook event can be found here:
Ashley Bush
Buttermilk Baking Company