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Metzy's is Hiring !!

Metzy's Cantina
Job Description
We have immediate Job Openings
Specifically, we have the following Job opportunities (see below) that we are hiring for right now – Anthony Leone is the contact for anyone interested in learning more, and to set up interview/pass along applications (see attached for a job application).  Anthony (“Tony”) can be reached at (cc’d) or by cell at 978-854-3569.
Links to/for our up-to-date Job Postings – All our listings are reflected at - This below list is generally in order of importance, btw
Line Cooks (and Prep) -
Servers/Bartenders -
Dishwasher -
Host/Hostess -
  1. Metzy’s Cantina is a 99 seat full-service Restaurant, located in the Newburyport MBTA Commuter Rail Train Station Building.  Metzy's is a hi-end Mobile-Food focused company, dedicated to serving ultra high quality Taqueria-style Street Food. Metzy's Cantina is the new home-base-of-operations for all of Metzy's Mobile food in the Greater Newburyport area, and is also a fantastic and fun new restaurant/bar conveniently located in the NBPT Train Depot building.  For further details about us,
  2. We plan to transition our existing Beer/Wine license to be a full Liquor License, as soon as this Fall, Jan 1st 2018 at the latest.
  3. We plan to start promoting and pushing our Breakfast Menu/Operations in next 1-2 weeks time – BIG COFFEE push, and big push to start connecting with our early morning Train Transition Commuters
  4. The long-awaited next-door 76-unit Residential Development is set to begin construction by end of this year
  5. We Cater, and our Catering biz is growing exponentially
Contact Information