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Caswell Restaurant Group is Looking for Experienced Line Cook

Ceia Kitchen + Bar
Job Description

Caswell Restaurant Group is looking for an experienced line cook. Candidates should above all be dependable, disciplined, passionate about cooking, learning and have the ability to work well with a team, under pressure and an eye for attention to detail.

Experience is preferred but skill and work ethic trumps all. Compensation will be based upon availability and experience. Interested candidates should respond via email to

Line Cook Expectations
·        Consistently demonstrate an energetic and professional attitude at all times. Have an eagerness to learn and willingness to absorb.    
·         Be fully accountable for the quality product and profit of the restaurant. Take pride in your work.
·        Promptness. Proper communication if running behind. This goes for arriving for work and also being set up on time for service.
·        Not calling off. Small team and everyone counts on each other. Obviously legitimate doctor’s notes or injuries are exceptions.
·        Arrive with a plan of action for the day. Have good mental mis en place.
·        Professional appearance. Following dress code: Black pants, white button up shirt, apron, non-slip kitchen shoes, and hat if hair is untamed. 
·        Part of your mis en place is having a pen, permanent marker, small recipe notebook, knives, and small wares.
·        Move with a purpose. Do not drag or stand around. When orders come in there should be a rush to get things started to ensure the guest is not waiting. Work quickly and efficiently as possible
·        Ensure that all preparations of food are according to the guests orders and remain consistent in quality. When recipes are applicable, follow. Comply with standard portion sizes.
·        Ask if you don’t know, before throwing anything out.
·        Act as a team member by consistently making recommendations on how to improve service and production.
·        Assist other team members in setting up work stations and completing mis en place. The high quality kitchen is a team effort.
·        Treat other team members with respect and dignity like you want to be treated.
·        Demonstrate an ability to work alone without direct supervision and meet the requests and demands of a direct supervisor.
·        Maintain kitchen organization. Monitor food rotation and double check pars. Any prep completed should be placed in an appropriate container, labeled, and dated in the appropriate spot.
·         Maintain kitchen cleanliness and sanitation standards throughout the day. 
Contact Information