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Ironic Music Booking Agency, LLC
Job Description
The Booking Agent Assistant is a part-time paid position. We are currently seeking someone for 10-15 hours per week, with the possibility of that increasing to 20 hours per week, after an initial 90 day trial period. The Booking Agent Assistant will assist with outreach, research and project related tasks within specified deadlines and take full responsibility for his/her projects.

His/her foremost priorities are as follows:
·         The position is a mix of virtual/home work & in-person work;
·         The Booking Agent Assistant will be required to sign a contract;
·         Assist in seeking, screening and hiring new Interns;
·         Coordinate the work of all Interns including assuring they meet deadlines, over viewing the work they hand in, assisting them in completing their tasks, etc;
·         Assist client with some administrative duties, included but not limited to: billing of artists, artist contact list, etc.
·         Keep an up-to-date gig calendar (online Google calendar), as indicated by Client. This calendar will also be accessible to all bands/musicians on Client’s roster, as well as to the general public;
·         Keep Ironic's website up to date with detailed band/musician bios, pics, etc, on a regular, as needed basis;
·         Assist in organizing info for venues to make sure they have all necessary materials to promote Ironic's artists' shows;
·         Generate and keep up to date a detailed database of bands/musicians which client represents; 
·         Assist client in follow-up with artists who contact Client. re. being added to Client's roster.
·         Research and create detailed database consisting of, but not limited to, the following sub-categories:
Ø  colleges (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  ski resorts (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  brew pubs (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  festivals (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  wedding venues (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  casinos (throughout New England, and possibly the US);
Ø  summer concert series (throughout New England, and possibly the US);

We are ideally seeking someone with an entrepreneurial outlook to work and the future. This is a position that can grow into much more, and with the right motivation and input, a good part-time salary can be obtained. The idea is to bring in new clients, assist Ironic with the booking, learn about the overall process of booking & promoting artists & gigs, and make $$ while doing it. This is a very unique opportunity. As you may or may not know, you MUST be a licensed (& bonded) booking agent in order to book artists in MA, but working with Ironic would allow you the opportunity to get some important hands-on experience and get your foot in the music booking industry.

Optimally, you are extremely well organized, motivated, a go-getter, have a flexible schedule and have at least 5+ years experience, focusing mainly on marketing, sales, promotion, advertising, etc.
Contact Information