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Hot Deal

Summer Sizzle Sale: For Couples & Individuals Who Want More Love & Fun! In & Out Of Their Bedrooms!
Increase Your Intimacy, Connection & Passion. Become A Better Lover Now! Partnered Or Not.
Summer Sizzle Sale 
20% off your first session
For individuals and couples


Isn't it time to make that leap towards getting more of what you want in your life? In and out of the bedroom? For a limited time we are offering a summer sale to help inspire you to get your s*x and love life back, to become the best lover you can be, and to have the relationship(s) you desire. 
We customize our sessions to take you to that next place that you wish you were at, intimacy and relationship wise, and more. Don't go another season without giving yourself the opportunity to create your best s*x and love life. We have got the best in store for you on how to maximize your energy and potential, how to become a masterful lover, and have a more juicy and pleasure filled summer, and life!

Individualized Homeplay programs are included in all session pricing. You get experiential education and practices, along with a custom course format, to continue your exploration at home!

To learn more about us and to get a taste of our offerings, sign up for your Free call here



Contact Information
phone: (978) 309-9399
website: Click Here
Offer Valid: July 1, 2017August 31, 2017
Gtr. Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry