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Hot Deal

Autumn Ecstasy: Specialty Session To Expand Your Orgasm & Orgasmic Living!
Wherever you sex life is currently, this one session will take you to new levels of expansion, in your body and your life. Partnered or not.
What bettter way to experience the change in seasons than by expanding your orgasm?

In this two hour session you will learn the differences between climax and orgasm, and how to improve and expand both. In expanding your body through orgasm, your life will follow suit.
How much pleasure, even ecstasy, are you capable of?
More than you can imagine. I can help you get there. No matter where you are now.
Session combines sex coaching, sex education, and experiential practices.

You receive a homeplay program via email after the session, to continue to expand upon the techniques and practices you learn in session. Session is clothing on, homeplay is not.
Come learn to have multiple orgasms, partnered or not, these sessions are for individuals and couples.

Isn't now the time to have many more types and ways of orgasms, easily, and as often as you like?

Session cost is $300 for individuals, $350 for couples, prices include homeplay program and follow up through email. Contact Sacha for more details and to reserve your session today!

How much better can your winter be with new expanding ways of climaxing and orgasming?
Contact Information
phone: (978) 309-9399
Offer Valid: September 6, 2017November 21, 2017
Gtr. Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry