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Hot Deal

An Introductory Offer For A Private Customized Session For More Love & Better Sex Now! For Individuals & Couples!
Curious About Tantra? Ready To Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life? Tantra Can Help At Any Age Or Lifestage!
Tantra isn't all about sex! It's about energy!
Learn how to increase and expand your life force (sexual energy!) for better health, wellness, and way more pleasure! Come learn tantra basics in a private session customized to meet your desires for more healing and enjoyment, both in and out of the bedroom. With Tantra you will have better and more orgasms, but more importantly, you will feel and live more orgasmically!

I (Sacha, am) an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator with a Masters in Health Arts & Sciences, and over 20 certifications in healing arts and therapies. I just recently moved to Newburyport and joined the chamber.

I am offering this one hour Intro to Tantra session for all chamber members for just $90 (through July 1rst).

This offer is valid for individuals and couples (even if your partner isn't a chamber member :)

You will additionally receive a homeplay program via email after the session, for you to continue your education and exploration from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Please contact me at, or 978-309-9399 with any questions, and to sign up now.

Isn't it time to uplevel your sex and love life? It's much easier than you think! I will teach you basic Tantric methods and practices that will skyrocket your energy, and orgasms!
Contact Information
phone: (978) 309-9399
Offer Valid: March 18, 2017July 1, 2017
Gtr. Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry