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Hot Deal

CALL NOW for "Peace of Mind" Support with my VIP Vacation Prep!!
Give yourself the BEST vacation you've EVER had!!

Vacation season is in full swing right now, and everyone is busy getting ready to leave town with family and friends... Planning to have an Incredible trip!

...But what happens when the inevitable communication challenges arise, or conflicting ideas for activities pump the breaks on your Relaxing Idea for a getaway...?

I can help you with that!!

CALL NOW to set up your VIP Vacation Prep meeting just in time for your getaway!!

In the convenience of your own home, treat yourself to 2 dedicated hours of uninterrupted time to plan for the inevitable stressors and opposite personalities, and make sure YOU have ALL the tools necessary to have a FANTASTIC time on your trip!

Quickly learn some GREAT communication skills and fresh relaxation tools to give you the Positive and Restful Vacation you have always wanted! ...People will wonder how you got to be "as cool as a cucumber on a hot day!" 😎

Appointments are available immediately,  and will be offered throughout the rest of the Summer!

2-hours for only $297!

Call me now to book your ideal time on my calendar, and thank yourself for investing in GREAT memories with your loved ones that will last you a lifetime! 

Call 978-255-7893 to set up your VIP Vacation Prep today!! Or email

Happy Summer!!!

Watch the Facebook Live link below to hear my personal explanation about this much-needed service!
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phone: (978) 255-7893
website: My Website
Offer Valid: July 14, 2017September 8, 2017
Gtr. Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry